Deseos Del Espiritu
Deseos Del Espiritu Deseos Del Espiritu

Deseos Del Espiritu

Deseos Del Espiritu by Clara De Tezanos


Photography - Digital print and ink pigments on cotton paper, format film


Limited Edition 2/4

34"x27" - 2016


Deseos del Espiritu forms part of El Regreso De Saturno, a series of artworks materialized in various disciplines orbiting and based around the pure enjoyment and bliss for experiencing the occult in this existential living. Created and manifested to resonate at an über artistic and architectural space, thus generating a multi-sensory exhibiting experience. Far beyond photography, we may see the constructing ensemble of collages and sound installations eluding small cosmology fragments, as well as astrology, kabbalistic philosophy and all the occult within the nature of our terrestrial plane. But, above all, the prism which we repeatedly see manifested through different angles and forms, from both, scientific and etherial aspects - the study of light and its spectrum as a phonomenon as well as metaphor for life.