Linea Nera by Ocnarf Sairutsa

Ocnarf Sairutsa L. Nera exquisite pieces are a true work of art, unique in every way. L. Nera strikes the perfect balance between elegance and edge.

Linea Nera Crescent Diamond Earrings shop as seen on Halle Berry.

Crescent Diamond Earrings can be worn facing in and/or facing out

Ocnarf Sairutsa Linea Nera Aläs Diamond & Faceted Quartz Earrings are one of Kate Hudson's favorites.

Linea Nera Stellaris Earrings - Diamonds & Quartz.

Linea Nera Meteor Diamond Necklace.


Linea Nera handcrafted Blue Diamond and White Diamond Ring.

L. Nera Blue Diamond Earrings.

Linea Nera Vana Diamond and Ruby Ring.

Linea Nera hammered Sterling Silver and Diamond Cross - Etnikä hand-carved bone, wood, conchshell and Diamond Bracelet.