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Sorelina Summer Travels...

Sorelina Line Nera Cleö Earrings - Champagne, Grey and Yellow Diamonds

Sorelina Linea Nera Foliati Diamond & Hand Carved Lemon Quartz Earrings 

Linea Nera Crescent Diamond Earrings 

Crescent Diamond earrings can be worn on both sides for a different unique look.


L. Nera Diamond Brooches give your outfit a unique and sophisticated look

L. Nera Diamond Skull & Cross Brooches - For those of us who love fashion and jewelry


Etnikä Bracelets

Sorelina Etnikä Bracelets

Sorelina Etnikä Bracelets

Sorelina Etnikä leather and diamond bracelet & vintage 18K gold bracelet

Etnikä Leather and Diamond Bracelet and Rock & Raw Lava, Diamond and Orange Sapphire Bracelets