Sorelina - Etnikä Collection

Sorelina Etnikä Collection is easy to wear fine fashion jewelry for men and woman - made with natural elements from around the world - wood, conch shell, glass, leather... and Diamonds.

Sorelina Etnikä - Deer Skin Leather & Diamonds wrap-around bracelets - unisex



Skean Necklace by Sorelina Etnikä - Tamarind wood beads, lava, antique conch shell, sterling silver, labradorite and Sterling Silver Antique Tibetan Dagger Pendant.

Etnikä Cambodian Tradewind Glass and Diamond Braceletes 

Ancient glass beads "1000+years old". Excavated from various sites in Cambodia. Some beads have calcification.

Etnikä Corali Bracelet - Ancient Coral, Antique Cambodian Conch Shell, Diamonds and Labradorite. 

Etnikä kalavera and Korona Bracelets - Jade Skull, Tanzanite, Diamonds and Sterling Silver on Antique Conch Shell.